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art request list
1. hakai_kun ShoonxTaiyou (how much taller is Taiyou than Shoon . . . ? 9.9)
2. odorobu_hilde DuoxHilde

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Hm,>.< DUO!!!! XD Uh...yeah. lol, that would be too weird! lol DuoxHilde! Yeah, old school! XD I choose you, DuoxHilde! (>o<)/

"I choose you . . ." - PokemonxGundamWing!artpic?? :p

Lol, no no. I was just fooling around. XD But that would be kinda funny, lol. XD Oh hey, that's old school too right? That "I choose you..." was waaaay back in the first season of Pokemon, haha! You could try that if you want. But DuoxHilde. XP

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