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JE . . . stuffs
Yay! Stormy Team subs're out presently with "Boku wa Imouto no Koi wo Suru"/I'm in Love With My Sister - 's another live-action and manwhore role for MatsuJun, based on the manga series of the same name. Stormy Team has rules stating for their subs to not be uploaded anywhere, so please do read and abide by their rules:

Congrats to Hey! Say! Jump . . . Saw a clip of them on Music Station . . . 'n they aren't bad - but wth? 10 members, average age is 15 and the youngest boy is only 12 . . . X-x (JE really does manufacture out boy bands like none other . . . >->;) *sobs for Toma* *runs and hides from hakai_kun*

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I think I'm mostly tired of the Heisei Hey!Say pun >_>

other then the "wtf?! 10 ppl" comment.... All I can say is... I have issues with Yabu rapping XD 'least I think that was him. -shrugs- bad quality vid

Yeah, I have a better quality subbed vid. though (y'know how sub groups are 'bout posting their subs) Yeah, too much Hey Say . . . (and as for J[ohnny's]U[ltra]M[usic]P[ower] . . . >->; . . .) It seems like their outfits really aren't outrageous though . . . ('least not like the previously debuted groups) for now

they had a live action to boku ha imouto ni koi wo suru?! (O_o). . . and MATSUJUN was in it?! (O-o) *out of the loop*

Yeah, it was announced awhile ago . . . (forget when . . .) MatsuJun really is hawt in it though as Yori . . . 9///9 Also has Hiraoka Yuta ^///^

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