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Misfits season 2 ep. 4 and why jumpdrives are awesome
My brain has just thoroughly melted DDDD: IDGI!!! It is an utter mindfuck!!!! DDDDDDDDDD::::::::::::: Future!Simon could have just not died, couldn't he, by saving Alisha and avoiding the bullet . . . But then if that event had taken place instead, then future!Simon would still be alive and the events that have to happen wouldn't? Fried brain, and too early in the morning . . . :(

1. Indestructible. Okay, not really. But if you accidentally leave it in with your laundry and it goes in both the washer and then dryer, it still comes out working just fine.
2. It's a no-brainer. But you can put any file on it from songs to video files to pictures, etc.
3. It's compact sized. Which also makes it quite easy to lose, but at least they seem to have a place to loop through a lanyard or something that you can then loop through your pants belt loops (which is always what I used to do, especially concerning school . . .).

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Not reading because I haven't watched it yet. But 'mindfuck' must mean it was totally awesome or totally 'wtf'. Looking forward to it! I need to watch the merlin season finale first, though I'm probably looking forward to ep 4 of misfits more..

Yummy icon, btw :)

edit; okay, just watched it, and what the heeeck. We only had future!simon for like, three episodes? Short amount of time is short. But anyway. I was thinking that too, that he could've just saved her instead of sacrificing himself.. but yeah, maybe it had to happen in order for whatever to happen.. to happen? *lost train of thought* My bf was actually watching in the bkrd and he was trying to explain that he had to die, but it sort of flew over my head, lol. I kept telling him that if he dies.. then that means when present!Simon becomes future!Simon, he'll have to eventually die because it's an endless cycle. But then how will Alisha and him be together / have a happy ending? Perhaps they can't. They'll only be together until that point where he goes back again?

lol hope that made sense. And oh.. I had a feeling something was going to happen to future!Simon because people like to post spoilerish icons in the comm :| So I was scrolling through my flist and saw it. Idk if I should just filter it or avoid lj when a new episode comes out.. and I don't really want to do the latter. Usually in my other fandoms they have the lj-cut spoiler rule / how many days it's considered a spoiler rule. Sigh. So yeah, kind of ruined the ending for me. But no biggie.

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Thanks, though I didn't make the icon. I used to make my own icons . . . I was totally confused and out of it by the end of the show though - I stayed up way too early in the morning, and also I read a comment on a theory about a linear timeline rather than a circular one (which was actually my first thoughts), so in my head I was thinking about the linear timeline which totally messed me up . . . Some of these concepts too are worded rather confusingly . . .

I ended up reading a couple of spoilers too . . . (argh, ONTD!! After just a few days of joining I quit though - not cause I hate it or even because of spoilers, but because it was crowding up too much of my friends page).

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